Creating Simple Workshops

In January and February, Create Simple hosted two workshops. The focus of both of them was to help to create a narrative on making simple and creative changes in your life.

In this blog post, we wanted to lay down how the workshops went, what we learnt and some tips if you ever want to host a sustainable workshop as well!

The Workshops:

Hosting workshops are not easy and things are always coming up throughout the planning process.

Workshop 1: Growing Winter Greens

This workshop was the first workshop and was overall a super fun and laid back experience. In total we had 13 people participate and we thought it was just the right amount.

The workshop was led by Maggie Wysocki, From Soil to Soul. Each participant was first taught a little bit about growing plants indoors and what it takes especially in Canadian climates, they were then shown how to make their own little planters using recycled strawberry containers, donated by Green Action Centre. They were then able to plant their wheatgrass!

Workshop participants

Everyone was also treated to a mango and wheatgrass smoothie, Maggie prepared so that people got a feel for what wheatgrass tasted like and how they could prepare it at home once it was ready.

Even though it was a cold Sunday, people were thrilled to be taking part.

Workshop 2: DIY Facemasks

This workshop ended up sold out and it was a blast! The room was filled with 25 wonderful ladies all interested in learning more about skincare and different natural ingredients. Amber Magus from Naked Skincare Apothecary, led everyone through what different ingredients worked for what skin type.

It was a great learning experience as everyone was able to learn a little more about their skin and about how facemasks actual work. We even had Lauren from Portia Ella join us to run skin tests on everyone so they knew what type of skin they had.

After everyone learnt about the different ingredients and the importance of each it was time to mix them up and apply!

mixing facemasks

What did we learn?

After the workshops were done, there were a lot of things we learnt and we thought we should share!

Facemask making
Applied facemasks

Here is just a couple of thoughts when it comes to creating a workshop that is fun, yet simple and sustainable.

  1. Subtle touches make all the difference - never go overboard with decor, fragrances or music. Having hints of greenery on the tables, or flower petals really make the room pop, while playing music softly as people enter create a welcoming atmosphere.

  2. Teach, but don’t teach too long - a big part of Create Simple workshops is to educate people on the topics that are important to them, to us its making sustainable choices. When putting together content, I worked with both creators to ensure we were providing them with information, but not too much that it would make it boring.

  3. Always interact with your guests - even though Create Simple was not the one leading the workshop, we knew it was important to talk to everyone, welcome them and make sure they were comfortable. You want people to have a good time, so make sure everyone is happy.

  4. Be over prepared - we ended up bringing in extra tools for each workshop, that mean collecting more strawberry containers and more bowls than we might have needed, but thats ok! Having a few more of everything ensure that if something happens to one thing, you have extras on hand.

  5. Think how can I make this more sustainable or green - When it comes to workshops, there can be a lot of waste and we wanted to mitigate that as much as possible. For example we used cloth tablecloths that can be used again and again, took plants we already had to use as decorations, Maggie brought notebooks for everyone to use that were made from sugarcane, while Amber used glass jars that are much more sustainable than plastic. We were also fortunate to be inside Generation Green, and their cafe uses only compostable takeout containers for everyones snacks and drinks.

  6. Remember why you are hosting - We were hosting our workshops because we love learning, we love teaching and we love seeing people enjoy themselves. Reminding yourself that you are hosting your workshop for a reason helps you enjoy the process more! For us, we love sustainability, so we made it our mission to make sure people felt like they learnt something and were able to make the changes in their life to be more environmentally-friendly.

We once again want to thank everyone who participated in our workshops and thank everyone who helped us out! Both of them would not have been a success without everyone’s incredible support.

So until next time, Let’s Create Simple