Do You Need The Latest Green Gadget?

It’s a new year and many goals may involve being greener and environmentally-conscious. It may be super tempting to go out and purchase the latest gadgets and green tools, but the whole point of living more simply is acknowledging you need to make a change and slowly transitioning.

This means that when you run out of your standard toothpaste, you choose to buy one that is in a glass jar instead or when you run out of dryer sheets, you opt to purchase a greener option.

You can donate items you don’t find useful to you anymore, but ditching plastic just to ditch it and be plastic-free is not always the solution. Plastic isn’t entirely the problem, it’s the throw away society we live in. There are many articles that talk about this topic and if you are interested in reading here are a couple.

  1. Viewpoint: Plastic packaging isn’t the problem – our recycling infrastructure is

  2. The Problem With Plastic

But we aren’t here to talk plastic but to show you that you already have what you need to be more green!

Glass Jars


It might be your first instinct to hit up your local Michael’s Craft Store or dollar store for a bunch of jars for your new found love of bulk shopping or for new recipes. But let us share a little secret, jars are everywhere and plentiful! Did you purchase some homemade pickles from a farmer’s market or maybe there is a pasta sauce you love having. Rinse and clean those jars and you got yourself an incredible and “free” jar for you to reuse over and over again.

To-Go Items


Tupperware: You might be tempted to buy stainless or glass containers for your lunch, but if you already have a bunch of plastic containers it might seem redundant to just throw them out. Start by phasing out the containers you already have. As you lose lids and break containers, start purchasing glass ones instead.

Cutlery: Every single person has utensils in their home, and if they don’t thats a different problem! Pack forks and knifes with you everywhere you go. Make a habit of putting them in your bag so if you eat out you have a fork already. The carrying case that some bamboo cutlery sets have is great, but don’t feel like you have to rush into a purchase just yet.

Cloths and Rags

Paper towel in the kitchen is great and convenient, but also a waste. Taking old t-shirts and other materials and cutting them into squares in a perfect way to have a way to clean up without having to run out and grab a bunch of kitchen towels.


Although this isn’t something you already have, we thought we would give a shoutout to secondhand items. You would be surprised all the gadgets, kitchen/bathroom tools and the like you can find used. Sometimes its just about being creative and waiting to find something. Jars are a big thing you can find used if you don’t purchase a lot of glass jars and recently we came across a great new water bottle after accidentally leaving ours behind at school.

What do you think? Have any other “green gadgets” to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, let’s Create Simple