Tips For Being An Eco-conscious Traveller

Earlier today we saw a post from Forage and Sustain on Instagram. They focus mainly on sustainability, travel and ethical fashion and beauty. The picture they posted caught our attention because three years ago we too travelled to Prague and captured a very similar image.

They mentioned that Prague has virtually exploded in popularity, having more than 8 million visitors in 2017. When we went in 2015, we remember just being awe in the amazing scenery and life that the city had.

Forage and Sustain then went onto say that with this massive influx of tourist, it also means the city has began to cater more to the tourists and less to the residents. This shift has caused cheap souvenir shops and the like to appear more frequently throughout the city.

They brought up a few points that inspired us to write this post. Travelling is fantastic and such a fun and eyeopening experience. However, it is important to remember how much waste travel creates and the problems tourism can cause.

With Reading Week, Spring Break and summer rapidly approaching, we don't want to tell you what to do, but we would instead like to give you some tips and food for thought on how to be a little bit more conscious when it comes to travel.

Photo taken by Kayla Buehler, 2015

Photo taken by Kayla Buehler, 2015


Travel: It is no secret that airplanes emit a mass amount of carbon emissions, there is no getting away from that. And when you live in places like Canada, where we do, it sometimes takes days to travel to different parts of the country.

Kathyrn, from Going Zero Waste, said in one of her travelling blog posts,

"Instead, let's focus on doing it less and travelling better."

She recommends to cut down on emissions, people should opt to go on longer trips less frequently. If you can take longer trips, it is something to consider.

Accommodations: When choosing accommodations, work with travel agents that have strong environmental standards. These companies will keep in mind things like wildlife and supporting the locals of the area.

Choose hotels or other lodgings that really focus on being green, are local businesses, or are both if you can find!


Pack light and always pack environmentally-friendly products. Here are our go to's:

  • Bar soaps/Refillable travel bottles

  • Water bottle/reusable cutlery/cloth napkin

  • Reusable shopping bag

  • A tiffin or mason jar

Note: sunscreen - depending on where you are travelling to, you want to be careful of the type of sunscreen you use. Some contain harmful chemicals that can cause coral bleaching, so always choose environmentally-friendly options.

Getting Around:

Stay Central: Opt to stay in areas that are central so you can walk a majority of the time, if possible.

Choose souvenirs wisely: If you are going to be purchasing for friends and family back home, then you should probably be choosing items that are made locally and are ethical. Watch out for those cheap shops that only contain plastic magnets and choose something that might be a little off the beaten path.

plan ahead

Choose to shop and eat at local businesses: Rather than eating at a chain that you are comfortable with all the time, try to find a great local spot to shop or eat. That even includes alcohol, try a local beer or liquor to cut down on the millage it took to get there.

Do your research: Make sure that your are properly preparing a head of time to ensure you have a smooth trip and avoid any unnecessary waste from being unprepared.

Do you have any travelling tips? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, let’s Create Simple.